Aqara Home Hub M2 - Homekit Compatible


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Aqara Hub M2 Smart Remote Control for Apple Homekit
Multi-protocol gateway for maximum compatibility and future-proofing
Both Wi-Fi intelligent equipment and Zigbee intelligent equipment can be information interchanging on the may a Gateway M2 , and can also send infrared commands to control traitional home applicances, according to your preset automation rules and intelligent scenes for linkage, make your home life cooler.
Wired network connection data trans-mission is safe and more efficient
In addition to Wi-Fi wireless access to the Internet, it also provides RJ45 wired network ports, supporting firect connection of network cables, remote control, scene operation, and stable device linkage.
Intelligent Light Control
Tap your fingertips to change the surrounding atmosphere. Light bulb, wall lamp and integrated lighting. You can turn on or off, adjust light and shade, change color or switch from cold light to warm light.
Environmental monitoring and adjustment
Accurately track the temperature, humidity pressure in and around your home, so that you can directly view the temperature or humidity on iPhone or iPad, combined with infrared remote control function of M2, it can also be remotely controlled air ventilation recycle system air conditioning.
Smart Sunshade Drying
Gateway M2 can connect your busy life, leisure and late night whisper. According to different time periods, the curtains in the home are automatically opened and closed, and the clothes handing machine is automatically lifted, and everything is natural

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