Aqara Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor


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  • 【Real-time detection】: The Aqara temperature and humidity sensor can record real-time temperature, humidity and pressure data in real-time. It should work with the Aqara Hub. Note: An Aqara hub is required for the Aqara temperature and humidity sensor to work with HomeKit technology. If it works with HomeKit, the Atmospheric Pressure Detection feature is not supported
  • 【Automatically alarm】: Monitor the temperature, humidity and air pressure in real time. You can easily monitor and control temperature and humidity by viewing the data based on historical records. The "Mi Home" APP will send you notifications about abnormal environmental changes, and you can analyze and assess the temperature and humidity in your home
  • 【Improved indoor temperature and humidity】: Intelligent linking to improve indoor temperature and humidity; Monitoring of temperature and humidity is just the beginning. Together with the climate controller or the Smart Plug, which works with humidifiers and other smart home devices, the humidity in the house is significantly improved and a healthy and comfortable living environment is ensured
  • 【Help Protect Your Children's Health】: With the Aqara temperature and humidity sensor in the baby / nursery, you can detect changes in temperature and humidity in time to give your child the best possible care and protection. Together with other Aqara Smart accessories you can create different scenes
  • 【High quality craftsmanship】: The Aqara temperature and humidity sensor uses an industrial grade sensor supplied by the industry-renowned Sensirion company with a temperature detection accuracy of ± 0.3 ℃ and a moisture detection accuracy of ± 3%. Note: If you need to connect your device with Homekit, we recommend to use the Aqara Hub, you can't use other aqara smart devices in Homekit without Aqara hub.
  • 12 Month AU Warranty

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