Warranty Policy


Mobile Phones Warranty Policy

Every handset purchased from 5GWorld comes with a manufacturer warranty. In the event where performance failure occurs from normal use during the warranty period, 5GWorld Offline Store located in Perth CBD will act as an officially authorised collecting point and send the faulty device back to manufacturer. Manufacturer will provide warranty repair services free of charge. This applies to all the product including brand new and refurbished devices.


Warranty Period

Free Services

Brand New Device

24 months

Device components/ parts&services

Refurbished Device

12 months

Device components/ parts&services

In-Box accessories

12 months

Device components/ parts&services


6 months

Device components/ parts&services

Phone Case and Screen Protector

3 months



OPPO Device Warranty Policy

The following Warranty Policy applies to Official Brand New OPPO products sold by authorised dealer 5GWorld only. Please note that all the warranty policy of purchased devices from 5GWorld is in accordance to OPPO Australia official warranty policy. Please refer to OPPO Australia website: www.oppo.com/au/support

All refurbished device assessed to have physical damage or related cause, expired warranty(passed 12 months) or failing to provide valid proof of purchase will not be covered under warranty. However, can be repaired by sending to manufacturer with a service fee.


Precautions and Backup Reminder

  1. Please provide either original or a copy of Proof of Purchase from 5GWorld when enquiring for warranty repair.
  2. In respect of customer’s privacy, we recommend that customers backup all the data if possible and delete the data on the handset before hand in the device to us. 5GWorld is not responsible to help with the data backup or restoring customer’s data. 5GWorld will not be responsible for customer’s personal data-related matters including data loss or disclosure of data.

Other Information

  1. If the refurbished and new device out of warranty is assessed to be beyond economical repair by manufacturer, 5GWorld will provide you a recommendation of purchasing a new refurbished device. This resolution is recommended for the purpose to avoid potential post-repair malfunctions from the Out-of-Warranty damage, such as liquid damage, severe physical damage, etc.
  2. All warranty policies are subject to change based on Australian Consumer Law.



TPLINK Product Warranty Policy

All the TPLINK products sold by 5GWorld come with Manufacturer Warranty. The Warranty Period is calculated starting from the date of original purchase of the products from an authorised retailer. The Warranty Period does not renew or recalculate at the time of repair or replacement. The original date of purchase will apply to repaired or replacement products. The Warranty Period Selling by 5GWorld is listed below

Product Number Product Description Warranty Period
TL-MR6400 Wireless Router 3 Years
M7350 Mobile WiFi 3 Years
DECO M5 (2-pack) Mesh WiFi System 3 Years
RE450 WiFi Extender 3 Years
RE205 WiFi Extender 3 Years
TL-PA411KIT Powerline Adapter 3 Years
HS100 Smart WiFi Power Plug 3 Years
HS110 Smart WiFi Power Plug 3 Years
LB110 Smart Light Bulb 3 Years
KC110 Smart Camera 2 Years
KC200 Smart Camera 2 Years


For further information regarding repairing and replacement of TPLINK Products, please refer to the manufacturer website: