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A Snapshot of Security
When 4G Starlight Camera spots motion, it starts recording video and sends it to your phone right away for your review.

Set Activity Zones
Set custom activity zones to cover only the areas of your property you want to monitor. You’ll only receive an alert if it’s from a zone you want to be covered.

Human Detection Mode
Filter out false alarms and only get notified when a person approaches with Human Detection.

Install Outside Without Wi-Fi
Avoid cords and wires and install 4G Starlight Camera anywhere without Wi-Fi for easy monitoring. And with an IP67 rating, it stays protected from rain, dust, and extreme temperatures.

See More in All-Day 2K Colour
Give yourself powerful 2K colour precision 24 hours a day with the Starlight Sensor. And with a 120° field of view, you’ll see more of your surroundings to better protect your property.

See Everlasting Energy
Avoid constant battery replacements with up to 3 months of long-lasting battery power. And if you install eufyCam Solar Panel Charger (not included), you’ll never need to change a battery again thanks to Forever Power.

Powerful AI, Ultimate Convenience
Filter up to 95% of false alarms with built-in AI and only get important alerts. If something’s wrong, you can communicate with two-way audio or track 4G Starlight Camera with built-in GPS.

Get Cloud-Free Remote Access
Avoid cloud charges with built-in 8 GB of local storage and review all your recordings for free.

The First of its Kind
eufy 4G Starlight Camera is the first 4G security camera to feature both 2K HD resolution and Starlight Night Vision.

Colourfully Sharp Images, 24/7
eufy 4G Starlight Camera has light sensitivity 40% higher than ordinary 4G cameras. With colourful and clear Starlight Night Vision, you can see animals secretly without turning on the spotlight.

Built for the Outdoors
No Wi-Fi? No Outlets? No Shelter? No Problem! Install Anywhere for Easy 24/7 Monitoring

No Power, No Problem
The built-in battery stores twice as much solar power compared to other 4G cameras. Add eufyCam Solar Panel for Forever Power.

Bad Weather, No Problem
Install eufy 4G Starlight Camera anywhere thanks to its IP67 rating that withstands rain, storm, dust, and extreme temperatures of  -20°C-55°C.

Advanced AI Detection
eufy Security 4G Starlight Camera features accurate motion detection and human detection. See that accuracy improves to 99% over time with AI self-learning.

Scare Trespassers with 2-Way Audio
Get trespassers off your property fast with 2-way audio that lets them know you’re watching.

GPS Easily Finds Your Camera Outdoors
Even while enjoying the great outdoors, you'll easily find your camera with GPS tracking that guides you exactly to its location.

No Monthly Fees
With built-in 8 GB local storage, you never need to pay to access your videos via the eufy Security app. Once you purchase a data plan from a mobile carrier, you’ll get anytime access.

eufy Solar Panel: Compatible
eufyCam Solar Panel Charger requires a few hours of direct sunlight daily to provide Forever Power to eufy Security 4G Starlight Camera. If you live in a cloudy climate, 1 sunny day charges the camera for 3 days.

SIM Card Details

4G Nano-SIM Card required

Compatible with:


How much data will eufy Security 4G Starlight Camera use monthly?

This data is for reference only, and the actual data used depends on your unique circumstances.
Roughly 500 MB/month in this scenario: Live View: 10 times/day for 10 seconds each. Motion Recording: 25 events/day for 10 seconds each.

Connection and Compatibility

Wi-Fi Connection: 4G Starlight Camera is designed for any place without Wi-Fi coverage with 4G support. It does not support Wi-Fi.
HomeBase Connection: 4G Starlight Camera is designed to work in outdoor locations, or semi outdoor corners around the house. It is a standalone battery camera that does not work with HomeBase. Its built-in 8GB storage stores a large amount of videos for your needs.
Cloud Service: With built-in 8GB storage on 4G Starlight Camera, all videos are saved locally for you to review in the eufy Security App with No Monthly Fees. 4G Starlight Camera does not work with any cloud service.
Compatibility: 4G Starlight Camera works with the Google Assistant and Alexa. It is not compatible with Apple HomeKit.Connected home device type:    Security cameras & systems

Security product type:    Security cameras
Camera power type:    Wire-free (battery)
Rechargeable:    Yes
Video camera resolution:    4MP 1440p
Cameras included:    1
Internal memory:    8GB
Remote monitoring via mobile device:    Yes
Network compatibility:    4G
Wi-Fi:    Yes
Smart home ecosystem:    Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Night vision:    Yes
Motion detection:    Yes
Environmental protection:    Weatherproof
Manufacturer's warranty:    1 Year

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