Segway Ninebot KickScooter ES1LD


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Trend-setting ES design, stylish in profile and bold in colour
The Ninebot KickScooter ES1LD features a No-wire exposed body, demonstrating a sophisticated level of design and simplifying the profile. The integrated body is made of aviation grade aluminium alloy is coated by fine powder spraying technology, providing enhanced corrosion resistance and improved metallic texture.

Ultralight body, sturdy and stable bearing capacity
Weight of aviation grade aluminium alloy is only 1/3 of steel but its strength per unit density is 1.3 times of steel, resulting in the KickScooter ES1LD weighing only 11kg and has a 100kg load bearing capacity.

Sturdy as a solid tire, comfortable as a pneumatic tire
With new interior support technology and special hollow process, this tire, being flat-free and maintenance-free, has better resilience than ordinary solid tires in addition to good shock absorption, providing you with a better driving experience.

Front shock-absorbing spring guarantee a stable ride
Shock absorbing spring system at connection between pole and front wheel further reduces jolts in the ride. It weakens the shock by compressing and releasing to give you a comfortable ride even on a bumpy road.

Fold up your KickScooter ES1LD with one button
Park it anywhere you want. You don’t need to seek for a parking space. Fold up the KickScooter ES1LD by stepping on the fold-up button and carry it wherever you go.

Two brakes available. Fast driving, stable braking
Anti-lock electronic brake on front wheel and physical splasher brake on the rear wheel provide 4m braking distance and guarantee safe driving all the way

Motor with 500W* powerful performance ensures excellent cruising capacity
Ninebot's customized high-end brushless motor without a Hall sensor uses pure copper coil and features low internal resistance, reduced heat and electricity loss, thus improving cruising capacity of the KickScooter ES1LD.
* 500W is peak performance of motor

Key Features

11kg Ultralight integrated metal body

Flat-free and high-elastic Tires using new interior support technology

20 km/h Max speed

IP Rating IPX4

Speed limit mode, Standard mode and Sport mode riding modes

20km Typical range

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