Yeelight Motion Sensor Night Light


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  • Motion Detector and Light Sensor: 120° wide trigger angle, sensing range reaches 5-7 meters. Advanced built-in light sensor and PIR motion sensor, automatically turn the light on when it detects motion in the dark and turn it off again after 15 seconds. Keep your kids children boys and girls safe.
  • 120-day battery life with a single chargeEnergy-saving, operated by a rechargeable lithium battery, the Yeelight Smart LED Night Light will last up to 120 days on Auto mode with one full charge (USB Plug).
  • Suspendable and adhesive - use the easy-to-use back hanger for your convenience, with 3M adhesive back tape, ideal for illuminating closets, dark hallways, stairs, kitchen cabinets and counters, bathrooms, bedrooms, garages, basements, bookshelves, and more.
  • Soft Light to Meet Various Needs: Set the night light with “ON” mode to use the light as a stable light source for baby toddler nursing or to switch in into "ANTO" mode to turn to automatically when it detects motion. The glare-free light endows you a softening night.
  • Easy to Install: Three Ways to Use: 1) Attach to metal surfaces with the built-in magnetic plate, 2) temporarily stick to virtually any surface with the adhesive backing, 3) Hang the device with the integrated hook;
  • Suitable for toilet, restroom, bathroom, children room, toddler nursery home.

Product Description

  • Illuminate the night through your movements.
  • Three operation modes | USB Rechargeable | 120-day battery life | Light and Motion Sensors
  • Clean, elegant design for easy-to-match aesthetics
  • The white exterior and flower petal light bulb design creates a simplistic aesthetic that can easily match any room. The nightlight glows a comfortable, soft warm light. The interior includes a Fresnel lens and a light sensor.
  • 120-day battery life with a single charge
  • With its high-quality 750mAh lithium battery, one single charge can last up to 120 days. Go about your busy lives without needing to stress about removing and charging the light frequently.
  • Hangable
  • Flip-up the back hook to hang on any place you desire; easily change its location with convenience.
  • Adhesive
  • Strong 3M adhesive backing supports a stable stick onto anywhere you desire. Stairs, cabinets, nightstands—an easy installation wherever you need it.
  • Magnetic
  • Magnetic backing allows you to easily stick onto the fridge or any magnetic surface.
  • Illuminates upon detecting your movements
  • Equipped with an infrared sensor, the motion sensor can detect the movement up to 5-7m (~16-23 feet) away with a span of up to 120-degrees. .
  • Constantly “On” mode for your lighting needs
  • Switch to the “On” mode for the light to be continuously on. Bring it with you as it helps you find things in the darkness without blinding your eyes with bright lights.
  • A soft, warm glow for your sleepy eyes and families
  • With a colour temperature of 2700K, this light emits a soft, warm glow. The gentle light won’t disturb your deep-sleeping families, nor will it hurt your sleepy, sensitive eyes. The nightlight gently illuminates its surroundings without being overbearing.








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