Yeelight Smart Bulb 1S (Colour)


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1 )Input voltage 220V-240V
2) original Yeelight Smart LED Bulb , turn on and turn off by APP.
supports google Assistant , Apple homekit ,Smartthings ,mi home ,yeelight etc .
  • 1600 million colours for choice
  • With high-quality LED lamp beads, the eyes are fully protected. At the same time, the colour temperature in 1700K and 6500K, 1600 million colours for choice
  • Freely adjust the colour brightness
  • Can adjust the brightness according to your needs. Let the light change with your needs. (5300K above lighting allows better concentration)
  • WiFi connection  
  • Built-in WiFi module, you can connect to the WiFi without Gateway and smart control it by mobile phone
  • APP language setting
  • Change the language setting on your phone to English and then download MiHome Smart Home App, it will change the language of the APP to English as well
  • 8.5 watts of ultra-low power can provide 800 lumens of brightness
  • 11 yeasrs lifespan
  • An average of 9000 hours of light decline with only 8%
  • System compatibility: the apple iOS, Android 4.4 or above


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